4 Ways to Ready Your Home for a New Pet

Getting a new pet, regardless of what it is, is both and exciting and nerve-wracking event. But you want to make sure you [and your family, if you live with others] is/are ready for a new pet. From the usual dogs and cats, to more exotic lizards, snakes, or toads, there are hundreds of options for pets, but stricter options for what you should do to ready your home for your new companion.

Pet Proof Like You Would Baby Proof

Through research of your new pet, you should have a comprehensive, extensive grasp on what that animal needs. For instance, puppies are rambunctious and chew on things. Therefore, you should pet-proof your home in the same way you would baby proof your home. Put dangerous things out of reach, make sure your floors remain tidy, and provide your new pet with plenty of toys to stave off destructive boredom.

Invest in All of the Must-Have Pet Essentials

Pet essentials are the kinds of things your new pet MUST have. For example, if your new pet is a reptile, you need a tank big enough to accommodate the animal. You should also do research to discover the best kinds of bedding and hide-away spaces for your pet. Snakes, for instance, love heat, so invest in a good heat lamp to keep your reptile happy and healthy. In other cases, some pets have special needs for special vitamins, like dog glucosamine.

Do Tons of Research in Preparation

Lots of research goes into having a new pet. You need to keep your new companion happy, healthy, and alive, which requires preparation. If you would prefer real informative conversation to books, go to a reliable, reputable pet store to talk with someone knowledgeable about your pet. Or, you could even email a reputable zookeeper, veterinarian, or animal specialist to learn more about what your new companion needs.

Think for the Long Term

Pets are for as long as they live. Never, ever get a pet that you know will just end up in an adoptive, abusive, or neglected situation. Sure, it’s okay to take a break and let your pet play alone for a while. But, for the long term, your pet should be considered a major part of your family. They love you unconditionally, so you should reciprocate with the same feelings.

Understandably, the prospect of housing a new pet is an exciting one. However, take the aforementioned advice into account to better prepare your home for your new companion—whatever it may be.