A Car Accident Injury is Serious Business

I needed to find a chiropractor in Petaluma due to an interesting injury related to a car accident. It wasn’t your typical injury in that I wasn’t even driving the vehicle. The injury occurred while I was attempting to change the oil in my older vehicle. I didn’t take the necessary safety precautions while jacking the car up and the vehicle fell on me while I was underneath it trying to get the oil pan plug off with a wrench. Had I been doing anything other than lying flat on the concrete, I probably would have been killed when the car dropped.

Still, I hurt my arm badly in the accident. I went the usual route by going to the emergency room to figure out the extent of my injuries. Nothing was broken, thank goodness, but I had an extremely serious muscle pull that require physical therapy and a cast that I had to wear for several months. I went through the entire treatment only to discover that the muscle didn’t seem to work correctly. I still had a great amount of pain and my range of motion seemed to be negatively affected. A friend suggested a chiropractor.

I was willing to try anything so I made an appointment and went after doing some online research to find the best person for my problem. I have to say I was quite impressed with the facilities and the demeanor of the staff and the chiropractor. After an extensive inspection of my arm, the chiropractor thought some gentle massage coupled with some other techniques would likely alleviate most of the pain while also solving the mobility issues. It took about six appointments, but I sure noticed a difference. I can actually move my arm in ways that weren’t possible before showing up for the appointments! It worked!