An Apple for the Teacher, Coach and Friend

I owe a lot to the woman who taught me how to change my lifestyle and improve my health.  I was a depressed divorcee with three children under the age of 10 who had to juggle a busy work schedule and activities for my kids.  I spent so much time at drive thru windows that when I finally tried to cook a meal in my own kitchen, I had to brush the cobwebs off the stove.  My diet was out of control and my waistline proved it.  I’m so happy that I found the perfect item on Groupon to express my gratitude and appreciation while I still had the chance.

I had been putting off making changes because I didn’t think I could do it.  But a chance meeting at a supermarket changed all that.  Candace was searching for some items in the bulk bin section and asked if I knew when the bags were.  I had never used the bulk bin before so we searched for them together.  She scooped some quinoa into a bag and wrote the item number on it.  Then she measured some brown rice into the other.  We chatted as we stood there and from that conversation I learned about whole grains, protein sources, how water aids the body and more.  We exchanged numbers and went on our separate ways.  Fortunately, we did stay in touch.  I found out she was a personal trainer and helped me get fit for a fraction of her usual fee.   Now I’m eating better, working out and the kids are on board with the lifestyle changes as well.

When Candace told me she was moving to another state, I wanted a way to show her that I really appreciated the changes she helped me achieve.  And then I remembered that she had a charm bracelet.  I quickly searched Groupon for jewelry and found just what I wanted at Kay Jewelers.  My dear friend will be leaving soon, but when she does, she’ll have an additional charm on her bracelet.  A silver apple that symbolizes the healthy changes she helped me achieve nearly two years ago.