How Chiropractic Has Kept My Back Pain Just a Memory for Years

With all my years of working experience I noticed that if your back or feet hurt, you cannot do your best on the job. The same goes for headaches too. I am rendered pretty much non-functional at work if my head is pounding, and a lot of headaches are caused by back problems. I used … Continue reading “How Chiropractic Has Kept My Back Pain Just a Memory for Years”

With all my years of working experience I noticed that if your back or feet hurt, you cannot do your best on the job. The same goes for headaches too. I am rendered pretty much non-functional at work if my head is pounding, and a lot of headaches are caused by back problems. I used to have severe back pain and headaches. I hurt my back once to the degree that I could not rise up out of bed or even reach my wallet in my pants. I went to a San Francisco chiropractor to be treated for whatever I did to my back. I never remembered any specific incident of wrecking my back, but it hurt really bad nonetheless.

I really dislike being down. I like to be ready to do my part no matter what it is. Hurting my back knocked me for a loop. Continue reading “How Chiropractic Has Kept My Back Pain Just a Memory for Years”

An Apple for the Teacher, Coach and Friend

I owe a lot to the woman who taught me how to change my lifestyle and improve my health.  I was a depressed divorcee with three children under the age of 10 who had to juggle a busy work schedule and activities for my kids.  I spent so much time at drive thru windows that when I finally tried to cook a meal in my own kitchen, I had to brush the cobwebs off the stove.  My diet was out of control and my waistline proved it.  I’m so happy that I found the perfect item on Groupon to express my gratitude and appreciation while I still had the chance.

I had been putting off making changes because I didn’t think I could do it.  But a chance meeting at a supermarket changed all that.  Candace was searching for some items in the bulk bin section and asked if I knew when the bags were.  I had never used the bulk bin before so we searched for them together.  She scooped some quinoa into a bag and wrote the item number on it.  Then she measured some brown rice into the other.  We chatted as we stood there and from that conversation I learned about whole grains, protein sources, how water aids the body and more.  We exchanged numbers and went on our separate ways.  Fortunately, we did stay in touch.  I found out she was a personal trainer and helped me get fit for a fraction of her usual fee.   Now I’m eating better, working out and the kids are on board with the lifestyle changes as well.

When Candace told me she was moving to another state, I wanted a way to show her that I really appreciated the changes she helped me achieve.  And then I remembered that she had a charm bracelet.  I quickly searched Groupon for jewelry and found just what I wanted at Kay Jewelers.  My dear friend will be leaving soon, but when she does, she’ll have an additional charm on her bracelet.  A silver apple that symbolizes the healthy changes she helped me achieve nearly two years ago.

Yogurt’s Health Benefits

The sweet, tart and incredibly satisfying taste of smooth, cool frozen yogurt took the world by storm many years ago, and today this deliciously tasty treat remains an all-time favorite for anyone looking for a sweet and healthy way to enjoy a flavorful snack. The great popularity of frozen yogurt as a snack has made it n all-around favorite for those who really want to practice healthy living and and a truly healthy, active and positive lifestyle. There are many great advantages to having frozen yogurt or gelato as a snack, which is why yogurt and gelato manufacturers are staying so busy in this thriving and still-growing market.

The Many Advantages of Eating Frozen Yogurt

Yogurt is a very healthy alternative to other types of snack foods, in that it contains live and active cultures that convert pasteurized milk into yogurt during the fermentation process. These living organisms create the unique taste and special quality of yogurt that make it such an irresistible and tasty treat. Some high quality frozen yogurt brands, like, also add additional live and active cultures to their special ingredient mix, to give the yogurt additional probiotics for an added nutrtional boost.

Versatility Along With Truly Great Flavor

As any health-conscious person can tell you, great taste is one of the keys to having a snack that’s reached for. When that great tasting snack also has healthy benefits, it’s a win-win situation the whole way.

One of the great advantages of frozen yogurt as healthy snack is its incredible versatilty. It can be enjoyed in a cone or a cup, with fruit (like fresh strawberries, blackberries and banana slices) or added into a smoothie for added texture and flavor. The result is an incredibly tasty snack that is low in calories and very good for the tummy.

So, next time hunger strikes after a healthy workout, why not reach for a snack that gives you added health benefits, low calories and exquisitely wonderful taste, frozen yogurt? Have a cone or a cup with fresh fruit, and feel those hunger pangs melt deliciously away.

Tattoo removal

Making the decision that it’s time to remove a tattoo will just be the first of many decisions. The most important will be where you choose to have it done. There are many shops that will remove tattoos, but many of these places have simply added tattoo removal onto their list of cosmetic procedures, rather than having focussed on removal. When it comes time that you are looking for a removal service, it will be best if you find specialists.

Tataway will be your best choice. They have locations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Bethlehem, PA. While tattoo removal cost can vary, they offer an online service for a free quote. All you need to do is forward contact information and a photo of your tattoo to them, and they can send you an estimate for their services.

Their Boston location will be convenient for Rhode Island tattoo removal. There is metered parking on the street, and on Tuesday through Friday they offer valet parking.

Microchip: The Values and Uses at Modern Settings

How shall you deal with the advancement of technology in today’s moment? Visiting shall answer the concern. It might be important to understand the mechanism of modern time where electronics and gears are highly applied in diverse settings. The application of electronics like computer and mobile application requires specific device which is able to accommodate different types of functions and purposes. At this point, the facilities offered to wider communities shall be the perfect choice.

The expectation on the use of microchip as the answer to connectivity is real. This has specific function to optimize the operation of the system at home and in the industry. So, the understanding toward the product shall give real values toward the users. By this point, you only need to get the capacity of the chips to better the function of the system. At minimum, advanced technology shall help individuals in accomplishing technical jobs.

Microchip, Real Benefits

Wider applications of microchips shall bring positive progress in specific settings like medicine and office. As you wish to generate efficient administration point, for instance, you only need to install the device at the system. In the same line, to discipline the workers, finger identification and check shall help to maximize the operation of the company. In the same line, to expand the memory of the video recording, the chip can be properly applied. As you should see, this tool is really functional. And, it is proper to apply in today’s atmosphere.

The progress of the world should be followed. The technology advancement shall bring positive values to individuals and professionals. For company owners, the use of chip is helpful to adjust with the development of current condition. In short, microchip shall be applied in the hope of betterment. When it is already realized at certain setting, efficiency is generally created.