Guide on Fat Reduction with Velashape

Velashape combines the use of infrared and radio frequency to remove fat from your body. The advantage of Velashape is that you don’t have to undergo any surgery. It is the first non-invasive device to be approved by the FDA. It can reduce the circumference of your thigh up to 7 cm. The minimum number of treatment sessions that you must undergo is in between 4 – 6 sessions.


Velashape is not a permanent treatment. The doctor will advise you to undertake a number of maintenance treatments to maintain the fat loss. The efficiency of the treatment can be improved by following a healthy lifestyle. You must choose healthy food for your diet and drink lots of water after the treatment. To live a healthy lifestyle, it is advised that you stop drinking alcohol and caffeinated drinks. You will find yoruself looking younger after the treatment. This can help to increase the level of your self esteem so that you don’t feel shy when going out to meet people. Velashape is a completely safe fat loss procedure that will not cause any significant amount of side effects.

Velashape treatment can be used to remove fat in all areas of the body. The treatment is ideal for people who have a lot of cellulite fat on their thighs and abdomen. Besides reducing the fat, it will also improve the texture of the skin and make it firm. It is safe for those who have undergone other types of body contouring treatments in the past.

Many patients claim to see results in cellulite fat reduction after just a few weeks of undergoing Velashape treatment. It takes about 1 – 6 months to observe some result on the treated region. Every session will last for a minimum of 30 minutes. Because it is a fast procedure, you can easily schedule your timetable to set aside time to go to the treatment session.

There is no set time in seeing significant result from the use of Velashape. You must undergo more treatment sessions for larger region. If you want to undergo Velashape, make sure you talk to a doctor about your needs first. Velashape is suitable for all women regardless of skin color, and age. Velashape does not have any downtime, which means that you don’t have to wait to get recovered from the negative side effects following each treatment session.

The side effects is minimal so there is no need to worry about getting any potential injury during the treatment. The treated skin region may develop redness that last for 2 – 4 hours. You may also experience pinching sensation as the device glide across the treatment region. Sometimes, the skin can also develop bruising that will go away on its own after about 1 week.

The minimal side effects limit the complications of the treatment on your skin. Most women who undergo Velashape claim they did not experience any discomfort during treatment. Velashape costs several hundreds of dollars each session but it is worthwhile since you don’t have to go under the knife.