How Chiropractic Has Kept My Back Pain Just a Memory for Years

With all my years of working experience I noticed that if your back or feet hurt, you cannot do your best on the job. The same goes for headaches too. I am rendered pretty much non-functional at work if my head is pounding, and a lot of headaches are caused by back problems. I used to have severe back pain and headaches. I hurt my back once to the degree that I could not rise up out of bed or even reach my wallet in my pants. I went to a San Francisco chiropractor to be treated for whatever I did to my back. I never remembered any specific incident of wrecking my back, but it hurt really bad nonetheless.

I really dislike being down. I like to be ready to do my part no matter what it is. Hurting my back knocked me for a loop. When my back hurt or I would have a bad headache, my coworkers and family would be picking up the slack I would leave. I have missed days of work due to headaches and throwing my back out. People who have never had the pain cannot even begin to imagine what it feels like. Before, I could trigger a headache or throw my back out doing normal things such as climbing a stepladder or hoisting a bag of garbage up into the dumpster. I did it once raking leaves and bending to pick them up.

The chiropractic treatments made my back incredibly stronger. I no longer have those issues I used to have. I no longer get the headaches, and I no longer get that awful back pain that I just lived with for years. It has been so long since back pain or a headache that I do not even worry about it anymore. The muscle-building exercises have really helped to eliminate my back pain.