How Medicine is Being Developed in Order to Help Patients with Cancer

Cancer has become the killer disease, and if you do not have someone who has been affected by the disease, you have definitely heard about its devastating effects. The one thing that is worrying is that there is no known medicine in curing the disease although researchers and scientists are doing their best to find a cure.  Cancer treatment in Mexico is one of the many areas that are making strides in trying to find cures. They are doing their best to create and study drugs.

Testing of Fungi, Plants and Animals

Researchers and scientist are going to greater heights in the name of finding a cure for cancer. They use marine organisms such as sea sponge, fungi, plants, such as the Pacific Yew tree and bacteria. Some of the drugs that have resulted from this include; Paclitaxel and Eribulin. They keep testing these in order to find a cure for the disease.

Creation of Chemical Compounds

Researchers and scientists are doing their best to understand how the existing drugs interact with the target. This way, they are able to alter the drug for better effects. By understanding how the drugs interact with the target through the use of computer models, they make the drugs more specific. This means that a chemical compound is designed to interact with a specific target.

Use of Accidental Discoveries

As scientists go about their daily research and testing, they encounter accidental discoveries. This is not common, but it happens. One example is the use of mustargen in treating lymphatic system cancer known as Hodgkin Lymphoma. The discovery came after sailors experienced low white blood cell counts after being exposed to mustard gas.

Cancer Cells Study

A comparison between healthy and cancer cells is done just to understand cancer development and growth. This is especially important with targeted treatments such as for breast or prostate cancer. They study what triggers the growth and what makes the cancer cells spread. With this, they are able to come up with more targeted treatments that might not work on other types of cancer besides what they are created for.

Clinical Trials for the New Drugs

Cancer drugs are not directly used by patients, but they have to be approved by the relevant departments. A drug can only be tested on people if tests have already been done in animals and in laboratory. There should also be clear details on how the drug has been made and how trials should be made. If the drug proves to be safe and effective, trial on cancer patients is began. Researchers and scientists must confirm that is the drug works; it can be made available throughout.

Researchers and scientists do not only spend time trying to find a cure for cancer, but they also spend a lot of money. Development of an effective drug that is safe for the human may take years. This involves the research, approval, and testing. Testing on animals and in the lab is quite important since this is when any side effects will come to light.