I Am Almost Healed Up

I was not even moving at the time and I never saw this guy, in fact he was drunk and apparently running from imaginary police officers. That was what one of the witnesses said. There were around a dozen cars in front of me waiting on a light at a busy intersection. This guy hit me from the rear and spun me into a red pick up truck in the other lane. I ended up with a big lump on my head and a bunch of cuts and bruises, and eventually a Huntington chiropractor had to work on my back. That is the end of the story. I was knocked out for a moment I think, or at least I did not recall exactly what happen at the point in time between the first blow and the next one. Other people had to tell me that the truck had hit me. I was thinking that I had gotten pretty lucky at the least it did not seem half so bad as it could have been. I had a little hitch in my gait, but I was able to walk away.

The emergency technician was not nearly so sure that I was okay, because he kept asking me questions. That big lump on my dome seemed to have him worried that I might have a brain injury. They made me go to the hospital, but I fought them pretty good because I knew that that ride was going to cost me about one week’s pay. I figured that they could meet me there and charge someone else, but they pretty much decided that I was going to take the ride. The back problems showed up after the excitement wore off. I eventually realized that I needed to get a chiropractor to work on it.